Lava Gemstone Aromatherapy Bracelet- Picasso Jasper
Lava Gemstone Aromatherapy Bracelet- Picasso Jasper

Lava Gemstone Aromatherapy Bracelet - Picasso Jasper Genuine Unpolished Gemstones

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Handcrafted Volcanic lava bracelet with beaded gemstones. This aromatherapy bracelet is made with volcanic lava beads and Picasso Jasper genuine unpolished gemstones. It is beautiful and stylish!

Picasso Jasper gemstones are known to be very grounding and calming.  Known to bring you feelings of peace, calm, and wholeness, Picasso Jasper may also support you during your times of stress.

Lava Stones are known to be healing as well! Like the fire bursting strength of a volcano, these little black porous balls of hardened lava hold many powerful benefits. They offer such strong healing properties that masseuses' use lava stones to bring emotional tranquility, relaxation and a sense of calmness.

Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the five lava stones for complete grounding aromatherapy!

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